The Poisoner of Strasbourg

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A poisoner is currently at large in Strasbourg. Prior to committing each crime, they consistently sent a letter to the investigator Marie Ackermann. Marie has just received a new letter, and the poisoner has made several errors…

Threatening letters!

A poisoner is currently at large in Strasbourg, sending threatening letters to investigator Marie Ackermann prior to committing each crime. Initially, Marie dismissed the first letter, but the poisoner followed through with their threat. Upon receiving the second letter, Marie analyzed it meticulously, though regrettably not swiftly enough to prevent the perpetrator’s actions.

Time is running out!

Time is of the essence! We must identify this poisoner before they strike again!

The must-see places in Strasbourg

Explore Strasbourg’s iconic landmarks, from Petite France to the cathedral, passing through Place Kléber and Place Gutenberg! Can you outwit this Strasbourg poisoner?


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