Game for events

Your moment of cohesion and conviviality

Whether through discovery, intrigue or play, a Quiveutpister creation adapts to all tastes and naturally brings conviviality to your event.

For a seminar, a large-scale party, new premises to discover, or a private event, think of a fun experience that combines team spirit, information transmission, discovery… and games, of course! Our creatives adapt to all constraints in a reactive and agile manner.

Rally, escape game, life-size Cluedo or scavenger hunt, Quiveutpister Creations is there to create YOUR experience! So what memorable event would you like to create?

The most effective promotional tool

A Quiveutpister game is above all about immersing yourself in an intrigue, in an atmosphere… Whatever your audience, the game is ideal for capturing attention and putting forward information in a natural way.

Quiveutpister Creations has a wide range of tools to highlight your values, your message and your product. Everything is customisable, from plot elements such as characters, to the theme of the investigation, to the locations to be discovered or the objects to be used.

Do you want to enhance your own world? Do like Ubisoft, which has chosen to create a Quiveutpister Assassin’s Creed dedicated to their video game.

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