Practical details for participation

What equipment is required to participate?

All accessories required for a scavenger hunt in Strasbourg to run smoothly are supplied at the start location of the scavenger hunt. Other than your cheerfulness, you don’t need to bring anything!

During which period do the scavenger hunts run?

The public scavenger hunts are held on Saturdays from April to November. To take part in our scavenger hunts in Strasbourg on another day, at another time or in another scenario, it is possible to privatise a Strasbourg scavenger hunt all year round!

What outfit is required to carry out an investigation?

To participate in the Strasbourg scavenger hunts of Quiveutpister Strasbourg, we advise you to wear comfortable shoes and an outfit to match the weather conditions. The start and arrival locations of each scavenger hunt in Strasbourg are located outdoor.

How long does a scavenger hunt last?

On average, our Strasbourg scavenger hunts take 2 hours 30 minutes, which includes 15 minutes for debriefing, 1 hour 30 minutes searching for clues, 30 minutes for brainstorming and 15 minutes for debriefing. This duration is merely an average and can vary depending on how dynamic and perceptive each participant is.

What are the prizes for the best hunters?

Each team is ranked according to points obtained based on correctly discovering clues, correctly solving the investigation and time taken to complete the trail. The best among them wins a prize consisting of a bottle of wine and/or an unusual guide. The bottle of wine is often a major incentive but it’s well worth fighting for the unusual guide!

What happens in case of bad weather?

A crime in the rain is a perfect crime! Bad weather does not affect the appeal of our scavenger hunts in Strasbourg. An umbrella + appropriate attire, and off you go for an exceptional adventure!

What is the minimum rate per person?

The rate for participating in a public session of a Quiveutpister scavenger hunt is 12,50€ for under 25s and 15€ for all other participants. Some event-based scavenger hunts may involve different pricing. The price for privatisation is available upon request.

The principle of a scavenger hunt

Discovering a city through an investigation?

During a Strasbourg scavenger hunt by Quiveutpister Strasbourg, participants follow the indications of a road book. The road book leads them to tourism locations selected by a team specialised in creating activities for tourists. Tourism focal points and historical points are then presented to inform them about the locations they journey through.

Do you have to be a great connoisseur of the city?

It’s not necessary to know the city in order to participate in our scavenger hunts. We receive very many French speakers and English speakers who are not from the city. Besides, the locals – thinking they know their neighbourhood – often find themselves going in the wrong direction while non-local participants correctly follow the itinerary by simply reading the road book.

What is the goal of your scavenger hunts?

In addition to a rewarding experience, our various scavenger hunts were created with the aim of discovering the city in an original and different manner. They allow you to navigate through contemporary, historical, trendy or serene locations.

Who can participate in a scavenger hunt

Who can participate in your scavenger hunts?

Our scavenger hunts are open to all. However, they are primarily dedicated to adults and young adults. Children below age 12 can totally come along, but the games are not designed for them.

What about people with reduced mobility?

Not all our games are accessible by people with reduced mobility. However, our next scenario will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Scavenger hunts for kids?

Our Strasbourg scavenger hunts are not suitable for children below age 12, but they can still accompany their parents.

And what about pregnant women?

A scavenger hunt requires around 1 hour 30 minutes of walking. That’s why we don’t recommend women who are more than 6 months pregnant to participate in our scavenger hunts.

Signing up for a scavenger hunt

How do I sign up for your scavenger hunts?

To sign up, select your session then book online to receive your ticket directly by email, and which is to be presented at the meeting point.

How do I find out where the start location is?

The start location of the Strasbourg scavenger hunt is on your ticket. You can also find it on the pages describing the various scavenger hunts.

I haven’t received my ticket?

The tickets and confirmation emails are sometimes mistaken for spam and directly sent to the spam folder. After verification and in case you haven’t received it, please feel free to contact us.


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