For Christmas, offer a treasure hunt

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching, and you are looking for THE perfect gift? Choose to offer a treasure hunt with a Qui Veut Pister gift voucher. An original idea to discover Strasbourg and explore its corners.

With Quiveutpister, the escape game goes outside

Much more than an escape game, Qui veut pister takes you to visit Strasbourg in a playful investigation full of twists and turns!

With gamification, involve your team with a scavenger hunt

The Qui veut pister game is the ultimate in team-building, combining cohesion and competition in a fun and friendly activity.

Quiveutpister, the must-do activity of the year

It’s time to go out and have fun again. And what better way than with a game that combines investigation, discovery and play?

Back to school fun with Quiveutpister

Explore the unusual corners of Strasbourg in search of the culprit this Saturday, during an immersive treasure hunt by Quiveutpister.

Quiveutpister, for quality team building

Qui veut pister is the team building where visit meets gamification, to motivate your teams during an unusual investigation.

From the escape game to the scavenger hunt, the explosion of the investigation game

For the general public as well as for companies, investigation games have become a trend that cannot be ignored. Between enigmas and unusual routes, come and try a scavenger hunt.

Quiveutpister, the outdoor escape game for everyone

The Quiveutpister scavenger hunt, the must-see outdoor activity of the weekend for fans of escape games and murder parties.


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